Thursday, 9 May 2013

Babies 24 and 25- A quarter way through Yay!!!!!

Little Louisa is such an Happy Little Girl and she loves it when I pretend to throw her in the air and tip her upside down and spin around with her , giggling and asking for more in her little baby voice.
Meet Baby Daddy 10 Schmidy Schmith
Jase is always Socilizing, if he's not at, he's glued to the computer on Facebook and Msn, Kids theses days
Joshua is my little helper, always mopping floors and emptying the potties
Jackson loves the water slide always on it even if he slips and falls a few times a week.
Sandra is the Queen of the Faires as she says 
Birthday time soon arrives
Frist the Quads age into Young Adults
Jack rolled the Coward Trait and wants to make Monsters
Jase rolled the Insane Trait and wants to Break Hearts, have 5 Girls on the go at once, What lovely sons I have
Lucy rolled the Computer Whiz trait, she wants to Master Chess and compete all over the world to win the Championships
and Emily rolled the Shy Trait and wants to become Emperor of evil.
The Quads left to start their own life's
Then It was Sandra and Josh's Teen Birthday.
Sandra rolled the  Schmoozer Trait
Josh rolled the Commitment Issues Trait
My 1st Grandchild Franco aged into a Child
My Third Grandchild, Meet Stephanie, Daughter of Zara.
Then my Youngest set of twins aged into Children
Louisa rolled Star Quality
and Daniel rolled Over-Emotional
Why am I always tired when Labour happens I wonder, I had another set of twins
Meet Baby 24, Amanda, She rolled Friendly and Good Traits
and My Quarter baby Aric, he rolled Slob and Exictable.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Babies 22 and 23- Hot Summer Days, Growing Pains and more Twins!!

Leisure day soon arrived and me and the kids went to the Summer Festival
Declan and Emily decided to Participate in the Hotdog eating Competition and sadly both of them lost but they had fun eating and competing
I Played Shoot-out, I used to love football when I was younger but I seem to have misplaced my skill.
Joshua loves playing with shape even if he loses his temper sometimes when the shape won't fit where he wants to put it.
back at the Festival, Jase is practicing his skating skill, he is getting great at it, he hasn't fallen over once
Sandra much prefers the block table, she likes pretending she building house and she enjoys making towers and banging blocks together to make music.
I have another Grandchild, Meet Little Mona. She is Arabella's Daughter
Lucy is very Logical, she loves Chess
Jack loves the children's play area, specially they Rocking Rider, He likes to pretend he's flying on his dragon to a magical kingdom.
Emily loves water play especially the water slide, she enjoys sliding on her bottom and tummy and shouting for joy as she does it.
Tabitha has really gained in Music Skill and in the Evenings loves playing to the Family
Soon It is time for Sandra's and Daniels Birthday
Meet Baby Daddy 9- Oliver Scarlett, He is Zakkai's Older Brother
Sandra as a child, she gained the Party Animal Trait
Joshua as a child, He gained the Clumsy Trait.
With all the kids at school, I decide to let off some steam by playing Shuffle board, I used to love this game as a child
Then It's time for more birthdays, first is the Triplets
Declan as an Young Adult, He gained the Neat Trait and wants to become Rich and Famous
Tabitha as an Young Adult, She gained the Family Oriented trait and wants to have a big Family
Megan As an Young Adult, She is Unflirty and wants to rescue animals. 
They move out to start thier own lifes, I will miss them but I need to continue with my challenge if I am ever to return home.
Then The Quads age into Teens
Jack rolled the Exictable Trait
Jase rolled the Great Kisser Trait
Emily rolled the Gatherer trait
and Lucy rolled the Frugal Trait
Then I go into Labour and give birth to my 3rd set of Twins
Meet Baby 22 Louisa, she rolled the Heavy Sleeper and Clumsy traits, she inherited her Dads Purple eyes and skin and my hair
and Baby 23 Daniel is the image of me, He rolled Friendly and Brave Traits.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Babies 20 and 21- Grandchildren, Water fun and the Move

The Queen has decreed that we are to move so here we are in Aurora Skies outside our new home, this castle is identical to the old one.
Megan has become such a bookworm, she is always reading
Tabitha is a more active child, She loves the water slide
Megan also loves playing Royal Count
Zara and Zak are great with the Quads helping with toddler training changes and feeds
Declan loves swimming in the Pool
I have a Grandchild, Meet Baby 2 Lola's Son Franco
The Quads eating, Aren't they so Adorable
Jack is a very Musical child always banging his stick on the Xylophone
Lucy is a much more logical child, she loves playing with the shapes.
Meet Baby Daddy 8 Moon Lite.
Birthday time for everyone, Frist is the Quads
Emily as a child, She is Brave
Lucy as a child, She rolled Couch Potato
Jasen as a child, he rolled Lucky
and Jack loves the heat
Then it was time for the Triplets Birthday
Declan rolled the Irrestible trait, Watch out girls
Tabitha is Eccentric
and Megan is a born saleswoman
Then Finally the twins aged up then left to start their adult life's  Zara went to Med School and Zak got a job at the fire station.
Zak Loves Dogs and wants to be a firefighter
Zara rolled Eco-Friendly and wants to become a Surgeon
I found another way to make money, Sculpting, it's great fun
Labour Time!!!
Meet Baby 20 Sandra, She has Inherited her dad's blue skin, my eyes and has blond hair, She rolled Excitable and Clumsy Traits.
Meet Baby 21, Joshua. He has Inherited his Dad's blue hair, my eyes and has tanned skin, He rolled Artistic and Eccentric Traits.